Saturday, 17 March 2012

Ethiopia 6 They Just Keep Coming

Another fantastic week. And finally a day. Which means washing, emailing and eventually relaxing.
I've found a hotel that serves Pizza so I've indulged three times. I may only be cheese and mushroom but after five weeks of non-european food it's like a banquet. 
Yesterday I visited the local Jimma museum. Our guide spoke some english and had a stick. She would point to a chair and say "This is a chair". Then a table or a cup and say "This is a table" or "this is a drinking vessel". Quite funny. 
I've had a few problems with a couple of my field assistants but they are back in line now. Unfortunately, one of the best assistants is off work ill. No work no pay here so I'm covering his loss. 
And on to the birds. I thought that I might be luck and catch one or two more species but what a run. There was an owl, a weaver bird, a mannikin, a type of shrike called a Boubou which has a vicious bite and amazing bird called a Cuckoo-shrike. Some of these have not previously been caught by this project in it's six years of ringing.
Then yesterday when checking the nets there was a spectacular jewell hanging there. It was the most colourful and amazing bird I have ever seen. It was an Emerald Cuckoo. My first ever cuckoo! 
WIll next week be so fantastic?

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