Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Chepstow Curlew 27-09-11

Up at 4am and followed Dave Coker from Ludlow down to Chepstow for a Curlew catch. Ed Drewitt and Mike Bailey were also there from CVRS. Steve Dodd was the main man. Fired at about 7.30 so not much hanging about at all. Caught 30 birds. All 4s. Had a chance to do some colour ringing. Five colours to put on and every one was different! So keep your eyes peeled when you next see some Curlew. They may well be colour ringed.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Chew W/end 24-25 Sept

Up at 5am and drove the 83 miles to Chew on Saturday and then again on Sunday. Total of 332 miles. 
Tape lures on for BLACA & CHIFF after seeing the successes at Icklesham. Worked well with reasonable numbers of BLACA and good numbers of CHIFF. Still some SEDWA and REDWA knocking about. The feeders were worked for the first time this autumn. Caught the usual BLUTI and GRETI plus a few COATI. Highlights were a NUTHA and a KINGF. I wanted photos but both were released. We get very few Nuthatch at Chew.
Still no sign of a C permit. Given up all hope now this side of 2011. Maybe I will get one in the New Years Honours. 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Felix Flusher

Cheesed off with other people's cats prowling around my garden and shitting by the back door. So I have just bought this beauty as I am not allowed a catapult. Pity it does not have a flame thrower. Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Feeders At Home

Just set up my feeders ready for the autumn. I am hoping to get some more ringed Starling and Redpoll again as well as good numbers of Golfinch. I want to know where these  controls are from. Last winter I could only watch them. This winter I hope to catch them. House sparrows started to have a look a few months ago so lots of potential.