Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ethiopia 4 Euro Migrants & More

Well it's been a good few days with several new birds. 
We had a storm on Saturday night which caused a power cut for two days. Luckily it was after the Arsenal match, which I watched live via satellite in the local cinema for 35p. But the rain did get a few birds moving. 
We had a juvenile Brown-throated Wattle-eye followed by a Grey-headed Woodpecker which drilled several holes in my hand while its mug shot was taken.
The following day we had a Chiffchaff followed by a Northern Puffback, a small shrike, which did its best to do one better than the woodpecker. Then we had a flock of Tree Pipits descend on the coffee plantation we were in. We caught SEVEN. I've only ringed one in the UK! And just as we closed the nets we had a juvenile male Redstart! What a day for migrants.
Today's haul may only have been five birds but one of then easily out weighed the rest. It was huge. A Thick-billed Raven. It was well behaved until it grabbed my finger. And what a grip. They may not have sharp talons but boy did it hurt. 
With so many top birds I'm getting the cakes in tomorrow. 

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